About Us

Separate from a mission and vision statement, Technology Services has developed a promise to the District. Our promise supports the meaningful understanding of the benefits and commitment that Technology Services makes to all students, staff and the District community.

Technology Services will advance a safe, secure and reliable technology environment. This environment will support exploration through engagement with analytical decision-making tools, creativity resources, an emphasis on the foundations of digital citizenship, critical thinking and information gathering so that all students achieve their greatest potential.

This promise is rooted in the following values:

  • Collaboration and Customer Service. Customer service is at the core of our delivery and support model, including the technology tools that facilitate District collaboration.
  • Continuing Education. Continuing education is central to our services, technology, and resources to provide informed and educated support when requested.
  • Multifaceted Decision-Making. We use multiple factors to inform departmental and District decision-making about projects and requests, none of which will exclude evaluation of options, feedback from multiple groups, identification of alternatives or recommendations for current offerings.
  • Responsive to Emerging Trends. We will be agile in regard to emerging initiatives, robust and fit for purpose, and will anticipate future trends in usage.
  • Transparent and Inclusive. Our efforts are focused the around transparency and inclusiveness in providing services that deliver a uniquely IPSD experience – one that is streamlined, structured, client-focused, self-service driven, timely and cost-efficient.